A beautiful spring wedding at Killearn Village Hall.

Two grooms holding hands in front of a yellow front door of a red sandstone cottage.

The Bexwell’s held a beautiful spring wedding at Killearn village hall.

Adam and Gregg had the most amazing day with their family and friends in what I can only describe as being the most lively wedding I’ve ever photographed. Their guests were ready to party as soon as their ceremony wrapped up and they walked hand and hand down the isle as the new Mr and Mr Bexwell. 

Gregg and Adam opted for the pride tartan for Gregg’s kilt and Adams waistcoat, which was by no means chosen because of the name. They simply fell in love with the vivid colours and how it looked then realised it was called the Pride tartan. It was obviously meant to be. 

Their day was filled with the most beautiful detailing from there flowers and floral arch, to there guests table favours which was an alcoholic shot for every one to take during their joint speech. Table names were from Adam’s hometown of liverpool and each guest had a hand written table place card. Their dog Nixon also joined them both for photographs and posed so beautifully. They even had a wonderful cake table with beautiful cakes made by the three sisters bake! A lot of time and love went into the planning of this day, the attention to detail was superb . 

Family and friends traveled from all over the world to spend this day with them. A friend from America said the most beautiful words about them both during their ceremony, which was a truly beautiful and touching moment. One they will never forget.

The day was filled with a whole lotta love but also a huge amount of laughter, happiness and utter joy from everyone involved, it was such a beautiful day. 

Love was love that day and I wish them both all the love in the world. The Bexwell’s are a beautiful pair. Thank you for having me there to capture your love.

Here are some moments from their spectacular wedding day, with Greggs top tips for future couples below. 

A close up of a kilt pin against the pride tartan.
Dad helping the groom put his tie on.
Dad helping the groom tie his tie.
A photograph of the running order of the wedding day.
a wide angle photograph of the ceremony room all dressed ready to receive the Couples guests.
A groom walking down the isle with his parents.
The groom walking down the isle with his parents.
A guest reading out a poem about the couple.
Two grooms having there first kiss as a married couple.
a close up of Confetti being thrown over the grooms.
A wider view of the confetti being thrown over the grooms.
The newly married couple standing in front of a blue church door.
The newly married couple standing in front of a blue church door.
Champange being poured into a glass.
Table place cards.
A wide view of the dining room set up for the grooms to receive there guests and wedding breakfast.
A close up of one of the fully set up tables.
Two grooms and a bridesmaid dancing to the top table entrance.
All guests taking an alcoholic shot.
A guest crossing there eyes after there shot.
Adam getting the upper hand of Gregg for the last time.
Two grooms kissing in front of the pink house in killearn village.
Two grooms standing smiling in front of the pink house in killearn village.
Holding hands.
Teo grooms holding hands in from of a yellow front door.
two grooms walking hand in hand.
Shilouette of two men kissing with the sun setting in the background.
Close up of the grooms during their group photograph.
Full view of the group photograph.
Grooms doing there first dance.
Guests dancing at the wedding reception.
Guests dancing at the wedding reception.
Grooms dancing at their wedding reception.
Guests dancing at the wedding reception.

Gregg’s Favourite part of the day: 

Walking out of the ceremony after being introduced officially as Mr and Mr Bexwell for the first time. And also walking into the meal after the same introduction with all our friends and family celebrating, showing love is love.

Advice for future planning: 

If you want something, get it. You plan on only doing this day once, make it exactly how you want it. On the day, don’t be a host. Let everyone else fuss you. It’ll go by so quickly, so live in the moment and enjoy yourself!

Venue – Killearn Village Hall 

Hair – Laura Johnstone (Laura J Hair) 

Make up – Angie Davis 

Band – The New Waves 

Videography – https://www.amd-studios.com

Florist – The Flower Croft 

Kilts – McCalls Highland wear

Dresses – ASOS 

Humanist – Craig Campbell

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