Mr and Mrs Devenay

Megan and Ronan Married at the Beautiful Rosslea Hall Hotel in Rhu during the summer. When i first met them both i knew i was going to have a fabulous time getting to know them as i just laughed from the minute i sat down until i left. We then met for their engagement shoot which we went to balloch park to do. They have a wonderful connection which is quite rare to find in a couple when you first meet to photograph them. They laughed, Ronan whispered “Sausages” into Megan’s ear and i snapped away as she laughed away at Ronan’s stand up comedy. From this shoot i knew their wedding would be a fabulous day filled with laughter and love, However i didn’t expect tears which i will talk about in a few minutes.

Moving onto the wedding day itself. The weather turned out to be a perfect july day and Megan was as calm as ever after stressing about every detail in the months leading up to this moment. Ronan on the other hand turned up nervous as ever which i didn’t expect as he had been the opposite in the lead up. The ceremony itself was beautiful conducted by Mr Miller, however the moment that sticks out for me the most is the moment Ronan watched his beautiful bride walk down the isle, he burst into tears and was very emotional through out the service which i was not expecting at all.

Afterwards we went onto do some group images and some personal which you can see below.

Later in the evening i set up a photo-booth and their quests enjoyed using the props and having there photos taken in silly poses and having a great time. Megan and Ronan had a fabulous wedding day and i hope you enjoy the images i have posted below.




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