A stunning rustic wedding at Fruin Farm

Wedding at fruin farm

A stunning rustic and autumnal wedding at Fruin Farm. 

Wedding at fruin farm

Kimberley and Craig had quite the time planning their dream wedding day. They were due to marry in April of 2020 when the dreaded covid hit, so had to reschedule their wedding date. After several date changes and going back on forth with details their venue then cancelled there booking leaving them with no venue and a very imminent due date with babe number two. 

Taking a small break with the wedding plans to enjoy their gorgeous new baby they then started planning their wedding day again and fell in love with the very beautiful Fruin Farm, who after all the ups and downs from the previous venue were a breath of fresh air to work with. 

To say that Kimberley and Craig were extremely laid back is an understatement considering the planning process wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for them both. But they took everything in their stride, carried on and planned a spectacular wedding in a short space of time. 

The attention to detail was utterly fabulous, with the wedding spread across the whole of the farm. Fruin Farm is a venue I have had on my wish list for quite some time so I was utterly thrilled to shoot here and it ticked all the boxes. 

I spent the morning with the girls which was very laid back with no fuss, loads of fun and a lot of laughter. Simon was with the guys at the kilt shop whilst they were getting dressed and had an amazing time shooting their portraits. 

The ceremony was led by the infamous Rev Iain Miller who had us all hooked with his stories. Mr Miller as always conducted an amazing wedding ceremony and had us all laughing when he got Craig’s name wrong. But who can blame him, he has married more than half of West Dunbartonshire’s couples!  

The day was relaxed, intimate and fun. Just how Kimberley and Craig had planned and was so worth the unfortunate wait. Their family and friends had an amazing time, and the food at the wedding breakfast was utterly devine.

I asked Kimberley a few questions and this is what she had to say.

What advice would you give to future couples? “Don’t get too stuck on specific ideas or think it has to be “the perfect day”. Things can and will stray from the plan. whether it’s having to postpone your wedding the week before you’re due to get married or forgetting a place setting at the table. (Both happened to us!) The main thing is to remember why you are getting married and the love you are celebrating”.

What was your most memorable part of your wedding? “Rev Ian Miller getting Craig’s name wrong! and getting to do our first dance, it made it all seem real at that point”.

Check out some images from their special day. A list of the amazing suppliers who made this day happen can be found at the bottom.

Kim getting hair done
Kim in mirror
Bridal Portrait
Bridal suite
Bride and daughter
Craig at kilt shop
Groom with son
Groom and ushers
Groom Portrait
Grooms portrait
Bride with bridesmaids
Guests gathering
Bride and Groom
Rev Ian Miller
Wedding Rings
First Kiss
The Barn
Dark skies portrait
Wedding Party
Bride with Mum
Venue details
Frist dance

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The amazing supplier’s who made this day happens were; 

Venue; Fruin Farm Celebrant; Rev Ian Miller Band; The Upbeats Cake; 3D Cakes Hair; Kristen at Curlz Makeup; Glitterbox Hair and Makeup Kilts; Totally Tarten Kiltmakers Rings; John Stewart Jewellers Second Photographer; Simon Williams.