Michaela and Craig

Michaela and Craig have got to be one of the cutest couples i have ever met. There love for one another is utterly beautiful and it was an absolute joy being able to capture these beautiful moments for them both.

They married last november at The Cruin on Loch Lomond on a very overcast autumn day. The attention to detail they poured into their wedding was incredible. They made each others wedding rings (omg swoon), they included Sebastion there mascot into the wedding buy having him sat at the top table in wedding attire and he was part of each tables center piece. Michaela had custom made trainers for the couples portraits (a very clever idea, up and coming brides take note!), Their wedding cake was out of this world, they asked the cake maker to surprise them and what an amazing job they done,each guest had a personalised chalkboard name tag made, there was a caricaturist, a sweetie table the list goes on. They planned their day down to every detail and what a day they had.

The highlight of this wedding was Craig carrying Michaela onto the jetty through the freezing water just so they could get some utterly amazing images of loch lomond in the back ground, craig also helped a heavily pregnant me across too. You are a true gent.

Thank you for asking me capture your love, its a day i will never forget.